Bernardo Nano Lopez
Gallery 3

Contemporary Works by Nano: Nano is unique in his ability to create either traditional realism or avant garde contemporary works. His contemporary works are what bring him true joy as a sculptor. His subject mater deals primarily with figurative and architectural elements, often in conjunction with each other, and describe the essence of the human condition..."in a powerful and an emotionally charged way." If your focus is contemporary sculpture you will not find any work that is more expressive and unique than that of Nano's contemporary collection. His creative genius is truly visible. 

Filipie Y El Arco

Felipe Y El Arco

(Felipe and the Arch)

Nano Lopez

Medium: Bronze......... Size: 27" Tall       1 of 12 Variations



Streeters                         Nano Lopez

Medium: Bronze,Steel,Concrete and Glass.... Size: 57" Long     Edition: 1 of 1


Telephoner       Nano Lopez
Edition: 1 of 1

Medium: Bronze,Steel,Concrete and Glass...      . Size: 41" Tall


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