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Bronze Sculpture   Welcome. Thank you for visiting our site today and learning more about what we have to offer. All of the fine art bronze sculpture on the FoxBronzeArt site are the highest quality castings on the market and all are outstanding values. The works for sale on this home page are, in particular, exceptional values. Please feel comfortable to email or call David Fox (503) 784-5001 with any questions you have on a given sculpture; its quality, price or value; the artist who created it; or anything else you need to know in order to make an informed decision. Our objective is to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision and that you are completely satisfied with our product and service if you decide to order any one of our outstanding works of Art.


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This Fine Bronze Casting of Ronald Reagan is Perfect for the Home or Office Enviornment.  Click for Special Offer!
Freedom's Watch Bronze Eagle One of the Finest Bronze Sculptures Available Today
Ronald W. Reagan
Freedom's Watch
President George W. Bush - Commander In Chief

Pope John Paul II
by Logan Fleming

Custom Pedestals
Custom Pedestals

Authority of the Wild

Authority of the Wild by Lorenzo Ghiglieri Now Available

Masterpiece Busts

 Click for Special Offer on this magnificent Bronze Sculpture of  George W. Bush

Our Finest Bronze Bust of George W. Bush

All of these works available for Enlargement



Click for Special Offer on George W. Bush Bust and Bronze Eagle
Special Offer
Portrait Busts

  Available in Life Size 6.5 Feet Long!
Reclining Lions
Please Inquire -

Dramatic Size at an Impressive Price


Gato ... the ultimate cat     Fine Bronze Casting Curioso    by Nano Lopez

New Works   by    Nano Lopez
All of these works available for Enlargement
Curioso  by Nano Lopez       Contemporary Horse



Don't miss this whimsical music series by C. Russell Darmour

Don't miss this whimsical music series by C. Russell Darmour 

Music Series
Exceptional pricing on orders
of two or more in the series.

Perfect Gift for those who Appreciate the Musician

C. Russell Darmour  

Don't miss this whimsical music series by C. Russell Darmour


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